1000 Miles per hour at the equator !                    FACT - There is ZERO proof of GRAVITY or WATER CLINGING to a SPINNING BALL !


Spinning ball !                or             Flat motionless plane ?

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Are they hidding more land ?

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Prefer listening to a Professional

Physics Engineer ?

The Flat Earth Conspiracy

By Eric Dubey




Curvature Chart

www. Flat Earth Videos. org

There were over 15 million videos on YouTube (Feb 2017) regarding the fact that we have obviously been lied to by whoever the controllers are of this vast and possibly endless flat plane. On this site are all the best videos, so you don't have to wade through 100,000's of rubbish videos.




Try to be open minded when you start to investigate, because you will very quickly realise there is ...


*  No Curvature - Lighthouses and land masses can be seen well over 50 miles away.. Impossible with any curvature.


* All the pictures from NASA are FAKE C G I (Computer Generated Images)


* The ISS (International Space Station) is filmed with wires, green screens and obviously also FAKE


* The globe is most definitely not spinning !


* "Gravity" is an un-proven theory - It's MAGIC


* The Sun and Moon are the same size, very close and not 93 million / 245,000 miles away


* You can see 50 and even 100+ miles far beyond the supposed curve. Ships that have disappeared over the horizon, come back into view with binoculars or a telescope


* North is the center and the South is an Ice wall that holds the oceans in


Do you like a challenge ?


Go ahead and try to debunk it.


Start by trying to prove Curvature 

Is your first reaction - Denial and Ridicule ?


Just engage your critical "THINKING" mind and drop your "programming" for a few minutes....

This lake cannot be so calm and still on a 1000 mph spinning ball

50 Miles is 1/3 of a mile

below your line of sight

WHY the LIE ?


WHY do most people go into denial and get

so upset and angry when the Flat Earth subject is brought up?