WHY the LIE ?  - Why would the controllers hide the Flat Earth Truth?

Another question is


WHY do people get so upset and angry at the mere mention of a Flat Earth?

I think the best answer out of all the possibilities is they are trying to hide GOD or a CREATOR


This video is probably a very good and clear answer also.

woman-749021_640 Flat-Earth-or-NOT

The reason I believe is that "the Globe - heads" cannot access their critical thinking mind.


They have totally bought into the system of people in control or with higher qualifications than the masses know more and would never lie to us. These globe-heads think anyone that does not believe the main stream programming is stupid.


Whereas, the people who can think logically and see with their own eyes and senses that the world we see around us it truly flat... think there is something seriously wrong with the globe-heads mentality.


Do GLOBE HEADS not realise that WE WERE ALL believers of the globe until recently.

We ALL blindly believed the programming since birth and all around us in advertising and movies.


Globe-heads are not clever or more intelligent - All they are doing is repeating the programming. They are stuck in the matrix and they actually believe all Flat Earthers are completely stupid.


How does anyone get to become a Doctor - Lawyer - Engineer - Electrician -  Physicist ?

Very simple - They just need to be good are memorizing and repeating what they have been told or read in books.


Intelligence is about being able to use your mind to work things out - even when you have had no prior knowledge or training in whatever you are trying to do. A good example would be someone stranded in a forest miles from anywhere but they learn how to make a fire and shelter and catch food to survive. Strange how many "educated people" cannot even open a tin of beans or cook or do any of the many tasks average people can do.



What about someone who knows nothing about engines and cars but can "workout in his head" how to get the engine working again... This is real intelligence .. not people sitting in front of computers REPEATING all the nonsense we have been programmed to believe.


Why do they get so angry and upset?

We all have core beliefs that were formed since birth from your parents, schooling and the government - and those beliefs are different depending on where you were born (country) and your parents religion and background. Why do you think it is virtually impossible to reason with a Muslim?  A Muslim would rather die and take 100's of people with them than change their core belief that Islam  and Mohammed are not what the rest of the world think about Islam.


So when you say to someone that has, "since birth" been totally programmed into the spinning globe, the "magic" of gravity, Space and Evolution... That the world is not what they have been believing all their lives... You get the same rejection and feelings of a Muslim that has just been told Islam is a controlled religion and Allah is not real.  Since birth we have all been "programmed" to ridicule the Flat Earth idea.  Why do you think they called it TV programs... Because they found the best and easiest way to program someone is put them in front of a TEL LIE VISION set which places you in a relaxed hypnotic state and makes it really easy to program you.


Most awakened people - STOPPED watching TV years ago - Especially the nightly news which is the same on virtually ALL channels and the Newspapers are the same deal... How can they all be running the same stories if they are not getting FED the daily narrative from a one single source - Come on Globe-heads - Wake up

There is NO curvature - No matter how high you go

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